“Price is Right” winner Chad Majewski wins trip to Xanadu Resort

It was a surreal moment for 40-year-old Chad Majewski when he walked away a winner on the popular USA daytime game show, “The Price Is Right”. Majewski won free airfare, six days’ garden suite accommodations at Xanadu Resort on Ambergris Caye, and a 10ft glide yoga paddle board as well.

10 of the most majestic caves in Belize

Caves were used by the ancient Maya for performing spiritual rituals like sacrificing to their Gods and bloodletting. In the enigmatic Maya religion and mythology, caves were considered to be the home of gods and an entrance to the ever mysterious underworld. The underworld was called ‘Xibalba’ and its literal translation from Mayan language is ‘the place of fear’.

Mysterious jade 'megajewel' worn on the chest of a Mayan king to appease the god of wind is found in Belize

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient jade pendent that was once worn on the chest of a Maya king. The pendent discovered in Nim Li Punit is the second largest Maya jade found in Belize, and dates back to AD 672. The remarkable artifact is shaped in a way that signifies ‘wind and breath,’ and was found alongside a vessel with a beaked face thought to depict a Maya god of wind.


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