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Over 400 cayes or islands can be found sprinkled across the blue waters of Belizeís eastern coast, sheltered by the Belize Barrier Reef. These include wet cayes, submerged part of the time; coral cayes, supporting little by way of vegetation; and the classic tropical island with palm trees and sandy beaches.

The Belize private island real estate market attracts a great deal of investor interest from North America given its proximity; relative affordability when compared with other Caribbean islands; and availability of world-class diving and snorkeling. The celebrity factor is also at play here ever since Leonardo DiCaprio picked up a 104-acre island complete with an airstrip.

Belize Islands and Cayes
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Who else wants to buy a tropical island in Belize?

Many investors are of the impression that when buying an entire private island the per acre price will be higher than beachfront property on the mainland or on an inhabited larger island in the same market. On average, however, purchasing a private island costs 15-25% less per acre. Private islands are also particularly good candidates for capital appreciation given the finite supply and sense of exclusivity this real estate category exudes.

Important factors to consider when researching private island real estate are proximity to medical care, accessibility, anchorage as well as any seasonal or tidal fluctuations in sea level that could make all or parts of the island uninhabitable at times. When it comes to utilities such as water, electricity and communications, recent advances in technology have much to offer the island investor. Expanding satellite and cell phone networks facilitate the possibility of communications even in remote areas, solar and wind power offer reliable and affordable means for electricity generation, and water treatment technologies are becoming ever safer and efficient. Having said this, it is important to bear in mind that construction, installation and renovation costs will be significantly higher than those available on mainland locations.

Belize Islands and Cayes

Now you can own an island you can be proud of

We would be delighted to assist you in creating your own private island paradise. We know the market and we know the best deals. Coldwell Banker Belize real estate lists some of the finest islands and cayes for sale in Belize. Please contact us to arrange a tour of islands most suited to your investment goals and lifestyle choices.

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