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Belize's beautiful barrier reef - December 23rd 2009
Crystal blue waters and a kaleidoscope of marine life make for an underwater rainbow even on the grayest days. Read the entire article >>

10 Ethical Places to Travel - December 17th 2009
Belize: World's second largest barrier reef and extensive, diverse tropical rainforests. The group Freedom House gave Belize the highest possible rating in political rights... Read the entire article >>

Pursuing Belize’s Feathered Treasure - April 12th 2009
A hand-held radio buzzed and snapped with static. The park ranger held up the antenna, a wand searching for a response. There was dead air and silence, and then, “Roger, roger,” crackled through the speaker... Read the entire article >>

Tax-free treats: Belize - February 19th 2009
Belize is one of several countries offering sun, sea and savings to the canny UK buyer. As you contemplate Alistair Darling's ticking tax time-bomb, you would be forgiven for wanting to get away from it all. Read the entire article >>

A Getaway in Belize, Roads Optional - May 2nd 2008
Ambergris Caye was a sleepy destination for divers and fishermen 15 years ago, when the singer and songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker and his wife, Susan, built their house on the Caribbean waterfront. Since then ... Read the entire article >>

Tips to buying property in Belize - August 2nd 2007
When Jim Rosenberger bought a two-bedroom oceanfront condo on Ambergris Caye, the only problem occurred when a barge carrying the Ohio businessman's possessions ran aground off the coast. "It's not difficult" to buy in Belize, Rosenberger said. "It's just different." Read the entire article >>

Hottest foreign second home markets for 2007 - January 20th 2007
Americans have never taken much to living abroad, at least not to the same degree the British have. Some 5.5 million Brits, about 10 percent of that nation's total population, now live as expatriates, with 200,000 more every year. Read the entire article >>

Belize: Unspoiled Caribbean in Central America - January 17th 2007
SAN PEDRO, Belize: Needle-nosed ballyhoo fish leap from the water, lured by the wake as Capt. Bobby Halliday motors off Ambergris Caye. The turquoise waters here are so clear you can see ... Read the entire article >>

Buying in Central America - January 10th 2007
When Steve Carl steps out of his three-bedroom beach house in Ambergris Caye in northern Belize, snorkeling at one of the largest barrier reefs in the world is just a short swim away and going to dinner means leaving footwear behind. Read the entire article >>

Leo Dicaprio splashes out on a Caribbean Island
The Beach star Leonardo Di Caprio has snapped up his very own piece of paradise, splashing out on a Caribbean island. The staunch environmentalist is planning to turn the isle... Read the entire article >>

A Beautiful Hideaway, Even for the Fish - May 29th 2005
The boat ride can be a little rough, though some might argue that's part of the appeal. The destination is a three-acre spit of floury white sand called Ranguana Caye, 18 miles off the coast of southern Belize.. Read the entire article >>